Easy School Hairstyles for Shoulder to Long Hair: Layers, Bangs, Braids

Starting a new academic year provides an excellent chance to try out innovative and convenient hairstyles for your kid. Whether they possess voluminous, flowing locks or adorable shoulder-length haircuts, the goal is to blend fashion with simplicity. This collection of hairstyles is not just about making a fashion statement, but also about embracing the convenience of effortless styles that can endure a busy day at school. From natural waves to playful braids, let us explore a range of hairstyles that will elevate your child’s school-ready appearance.

1. Elegant Braided Updo with a Pink Ribbon

This hairstyle combines braids and soft pastel accents to create a beautiful updo, perfect for school. It is especially suitable for girls with long hair, as it incorporates intricate braids that lead to a voluminous low ponytail. The focal point of the hairstyle is a delicate pink ribbon, elegantly tied into a large bow that gracefully falls down the length of the hair. In addition to its visual appeal, this hairstyle is practical for school activities, keeping the hair neatly away from the face. While it may take some practice to master, following the step by step process will result in a stunning outcome that is well worth the effort.

2. Playful Purple-Accented Double Braids

When you’re in a rush in the mornings, this fast and simple hairstyle can be a real lifesaver. With two stylish braids that are both fun and neat, it’s a great way to keep your hair under control during those long school days. Adding a touch of color with some purple accents woven into the braids gives a unique and modern twist to the traditional look. This hairstyle works well for both long and medium-length hair, and with a little bit of practice, you can easily master the step-by-step process. It’s the perfect way to add some personal flair to your school uniform without going overboard.

3. Sleek and Chic Cornrow Ponytail

Experience the allure of organic textures with this elegant cornrow ponytail, a perfect option for those with long or shoulder-length locks. Not only does this hairstyle exude an impressive aesthetic, but it also serves as a safeguarding style for natural hair textures, particularly in individuals with black hair. The intricate cornrows effortlessly merge into a voluminous and curly ponytail, resulting in a delightful combination of texture and sophistication. This top-notch styling choice not only keeps your hair tidy and easy to manage during school hours but also proudly showcases your cultural heritage.

4. Curly Pigtails with Colorful Accessories

Nothing screams “prepared for class” quite like charming pigtails, but when you add in bouncy curls and lively accessories, they reach a whole new level of cuteness. This particular hairstyle is perfect for individuals blessed with natural curls and suits different hair lengths. By fastening the pigtails with vibrant clips or scrunchies, you can coordinate them with your little one’s outfit or overall vibe. It’s a simple yet playful hairstyle for heading back to school that brings a touch of excitement to any ordinary day.

5. Ocean-Inspired Wavy Braids

Taking inspiration from the undulating waves of the ocean, this hairdo brilliantly combines braids and loose waves to achieve a mesmerizing mermaid-esque look. It’s specifically designed for children blessed with long locks, presenting them with a hairstyle that exudes an air of carefree elegance while maintaining a sense of orderliness. Commencing at the crown, the braids gradually unravel midway, leading to a graceful cascade of waves that effectively keep the hair away from the face. This practical style can be effortlessly assembled in the morning and effortlessly maintains its chic and stylish appearance throughout the day.

6. Bubbly Braided Pigtails

These playful and delightful braided pigtails are not just fast and simple to create, but also incredibly enjoyable. The hair is divided into sections to achieve a charming ‘bubble’ effect, injecting a touch of whimsy into the classic pigtail. This fabulous hairstyle is particularly suitable for those with long locks, ensuring a secure and long-lasting hold throughout the day. It’s a cheerful and captivating style that is sure to win over both parents and children alike.

7. Half-Up Braided Butterfly

Looking for a more understated option when it comes to braided hairstyles? Check out this charming half-up look that incorporates braids that gather at the back, creating a delightful butterfly shape using a butterfly clip. Not only is it a swift and simple back-to-school hairstyle, but it also complements long hair flawlessly, lending a touch of sophistication to your child’s everyday appearance. With its easy step-by-step execution during the morning rush, this hairstyle exudes a captivating allure that endures throughout the day.

8. Twisted Braids with Bow Accents

Enhance your hairstyle with charming bow details, complementing twisted braids that exude a timeless and elegant aura. This versatile hairdo can effortlessly suit long or medium-length hair, making it an ideal choice for school. Not only do these braids exude chicness, but they also guarantee a secure hold during active play and study sessions. The addition of delightful bows adds a sprinkle of traditional school vibes, elevating the overall aesthetic.

9. Simple Braids for a Casual Day

If simplicity is what you’re after, these simple braids offer a convenient solution for going back to class. They’re ideal for laid-back days when you want a quick and tidy hairstyle. This option is perfect for kids who prefer a fuss-free look with minimal embellishments. It works particularly well for those with long hair, and can be easily achieved by following these step-by-step instructions.

10. Dutch Braid for an Active Day

The Dutch braid is more than just a simple hairstyle; it is a declaration of elegance and preparedness for a bustling day ahead. This beloved style for lengthy locks is meticulously woven to guarantee its endurance from morning to evening. Not only does it efficiently keep hair away from the face, enabling children to concentrate on their scholastic endeavors, but it also bestows a refined touch to any school ensemble.

11. Cascading Curled Double Braids

This hairstyle is a fun variation of the traditional double braid. The braids begin at the crown and seamlessly transform into gorgeous curls, creating a natural wave effect. The colorful hair ties used to secure the braids add a vibrant touch, making it a great choice for school that is both simple and fashionable. Ideal for those with long hair, this hairstyle is both delightful and functional for a busy day at school.

12. Sleek and Modern Bubble Ponytail

For a contemporary and chic appearance, this bubble ponytail is a striking choice. The hair is parted into segments and sections of hair are tied together to achieve a bubble-like effect, complemented by the inclusion of shiny beads for an extra touch of style. This hairstyle is perfect for children with long, straight hair who desire to add a touch of boldness to their school ensemble while still maintaining a tidy and pulled-back appearance.

13. Bold Dutch Braid Pigtails

Embark on a delightful and striking hair adventure with these mesmerizing Dutch braid pigtails, ideal for a vibrant and energetic day at school. These meticulously crafted braids add depth and dimension to your locks, ensuring both style and ease of movement with their playfully loose ends. This charming hairstyle is specifically tailored for youngsters flaunting their luscious long tresses, effortlessly keeping their hair away from their face, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in various school activities.

14. High Ponytail with a Braided Twist

This chic ponytail with a twisted braid provides a classy yet effortless hairstyle choice for returning to school. The incorporation of the braid adds a touch of refinement to the lengthy ponytail, allowing it to be appropriate for various school occasions, whether they be relaxed or formal. The simplicity of this particular hairstyle makes it a time-saving and hassle-free option perfect for hectic mornings.

15. Creative Criss-Cross Braids

What makes this hairstyle truly unique is the intricate criss-cross design of the braids, complemented by eye-catching colorful bands. Not only does it add vibrancy to your overall look, but it also makes it a perfect choice for school. This fantastic style allows you to flaunt your straight, luscious locks while ensuring they stay neat and manageable from morning to night. Get ready to grab everyone’s attention with this effortless back-to-school look!

16. Playful Top Bun with a Braided Base

Merging the joy of a top bun with the organization of a braid, this hairdo is both lively and efficient. The bun rests on the crown of the head, making it perfect for maintaining the tidiness of lengthy hair while attending school. This swift and simple style is ideal for youngsters who relish a touch of playfulness in their everyday appearance.

17. Elegant Braided Ponytail with a Sheer Bow

This hairstyle adds a touch of sophistication to a classic ponytail by incorporating a braided section and a delicate bow as a final accent. It’s a stunning choice for those with long hair, as it can easily be styled to suit any occasion, whether formal or casual. The inclusion of the bow brings a timeless charm reminiscent of youthful schoolgirls.

18. Side-Swept Braids with Pink Ribbons

Get a cute and feminine look for school by incorporating side-swept braids into your hairstyle. Adding pink ribbons to the braids adds an extra touch of sweetness. This versatile hairstyle is suitable for both long and medium-length hair, and it adds a playful element to your overall appearance. Whether your child is walking or moving their head, these braids are sure to bring a smile to their face and give them an extra bounce in their step. Try out this quick and easy style today!

19. Chic Cornrow Updo with a Red Bow

This sleek updo showcases well-organized cornrow braids that are elegantly pulled together into an elegant top bun, embellished with a vibrant crimson ribbon to inject a burst of vibrancy. It serves as a remarkable safeguarding technique for maintaining the health of natural hair, while also being a trendy and practical choice for school days, successfully taming unruly locks and keeping them gracefully away from the visage.

20. Classic French Braids with a Twist

French braids have always been a popular choice, but when you add a unique twist by incorporating various sizes and patterns, it becomes a style statement that stands out. This particular look is perfect for young ones with long hair and adds a touch of sophistication to their school outfit, ensuring that your child looks put-together and ready for the day ahead. To make school days a little brighter and their style a lot more fun, incorporate these hairstyles into your child’s routine. Each of these looks can be achieved by following a step-by-step process, making it a great activity for parents and kids to try together. Share your creations, leave a comment with your tips, and don’t forget to save your favorites on Pinterest!

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