Elegant Kids Wedding Hairstyles: Curly, Wavy & Straight Options

Weddings are an occasion filled with happiness, festivities, and unforgettable fashion choices – not only for adults but also for the little ones. When it comes to a child’s hairstyle for a wedding, it should be a beautiful combination of innocence, sophistication, and comfort. Whether you are preparing the hair of a flower girl, a young bridesmaid, or the princess of honor, it is essential to find a hairstyle that complements their attire and remains intact throughout the celebration. This article presents a range of delightful wedding hairstyles for kids that are perfect for the special day. From cascading curls to elegant updos, these hairstyles will inspire and captivate everyone.

1. Elegant Pearl-Encrusted Bun

With the elegance of a royal crown, a magnificent bun graces the top of the head, embellished with a crescent of shimmering pearls and delicate netting. This particular hairstyle exudes refinement and is perfect for achieving a effortlessly stunning appearance. The addition of pearls adds a touch of sophistication, making it an excellent choice for the most formal of weddings, while the bun guarantees comfort for the wearer all day long. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, this exquisite bun serves as a captivating centerpiece for any elegant outfit.

2. Cascading Curls with Floral Accents

We present an exquisite presentation of luscious, sun-drenched tresses cascading freely along the spine. Every ringlet is flawlessly delineated, yielding an aura of elegant authenticity. Enhanced with immaculate ivory blossoms, this coiffure resembles a flourishing meadow – an emblem of innocence and fresh starts. This particular hairstyle effortlessly embraces adoration and strikes a harmonious chord between refinement and playfulness.

3. Regal Coily Updo with Tiara

For our African American queens, this stunning tiara-adorned coily updo exudes regal allure. Meticulously styled coils create a majestic bun that doubles as an elegant throne for a dazzling tiara. This hairstyle not only requires minimal upkeep, but also remarkably highlights the luxuriant texture of African hair, rendering it an exceptional option for a wedding.

4. Enchanting Afro-Puff with Diadem

This hairstyle showcases the magnificent fullness of an African afro-puff, celebrating its natural beauty. A graceful tiara delicately rests on the hair, bestowing a sense of regality to the lively puff. This particular look is perfect for individuals with coily or curly hair and is effortlessly put together while exuding a captivating charm. It’s a versatile hairstyle that permits flexibility and enjoyment, making it ideal for lively children to freely romp and engage in play.

5. Curly Locks with a Golden Crown

Exquisite coils of hair are harmoniously styled into a magnificent coiffure that is truly befitting of a magical narrative. Tastefully adorning the crown of tresses is a resplendent golden diadem, evoking an air of enchanting gracefulness reminiscent of a tale penned in the pages of a storybook. This particular fashion statement is exceptionally ideal for youngsters blessed with bouncy, ringlets or undulating locks, delivering an enduring and iconic appearance that requires minimal effort to maintain.

6. Sophisticated Twists with Baby’s Breath

This hairstyle features intricate and elaborate twists and turns, which adds a touch of sophistication. It is further enhanced with delicate sprigs of baby’s breath, creating a look that is both fresh and refined. The beauty of this style lies in its simplicity and elegance, making it suitable for various hair textures, ranging from straight to wavy. Additionally, it is particularly charming on young individuals attending a wedding.

7. Sleek Ballerina Bun with a Floral Bow

Enhance your sleek ballerina bun with a graceful floral bow, elevating it to a whole new level of chicness. This exquisite hairstyle effortlessly embodies a harmonious fusion of simplicity and elegance, ensuring a flawless and timeless look that will endure from morning till night.

8. Delicate White Blossom Crown

There is nothing quite as synonymous with a wedding as a crown made of dainty white flowers. Symbolizing purity and happiness, this hairstyle is perfect for those with short to medium hair lengths. Not only is it simple to put together, but it also brings immense delight to anyone who lays eyes upon it.

9. Fluffy Tulle Dress and Matching Floral Hairpiece

Complementing a voluminous tulle gown, this hairdo includes a coordinating flower accessory that perfectly embodies the spirit of a wedding in the spring. This effortless and cozy hairstyle allows children to enjoy their youthful innocence while still looking impeccably fabulous.

10. Radiant Smile and a Classic Tiara

At long last, our young one’s face lights up with joy as they don a traditional tiara adorning a perfectly styled hairstyle. This timeless look is incredibly versatile, simple to create, and suitable for all hair types, whether it be straight or coily.

11. Classic Bun with a Floral Touch

Resting delicately atop the head is a meticulously styled bun, enhanced with a sophisticated floral ornament that imparts a touch of refinement. This exquisite hairstyle serves as a testament to enduring allure, making it an ideal choice for the effortlessly chic and poised youthful attendee. Not only does this look exude charm, but it also boasts practicality, ensuring it remains secure throughout the lively wedding celebrations.

12. Blooming Beauty with Braided Details

To achieve a mesmerizing look for a young one, try this captivating braided hairdo adorned with dainty floral touches. The braids gracefully encircle the head, producing a mesmerizing halo effect that is not only effortless to upkeep but also visually striking. Paying homage to African American roots, this hairstyle exudes elegance and flair by showcasing the natural beauty of coily textures.

13. Golden Tulle and Rosette Crown

A Masterpiece Hairstyle: Curly Pouf with Handcrafted Rosette Crown

Prepare to be amazed by this one-of-a-kind hairstyle that can only be described as a work of art. The focal point of this majestic look is a stunning curly pouf, expertly crafted to perfection. Its intricate design is elevated even further by the addition of a handcrafted rosette crown, meticulously created to complement the wearer’s golden tulle dress.

What sets this hairstyle apart is its ability to embrace and enhance African textures. Despite its short length, it manages to exude regality and charm, making it a favorite amongst those with short hair. The combination of its regal appearance and undeniable adorableness is truly a sight to behold.

14. Angelic Curls with a Satin Bow

Embodying the pure essence of youthful innocence, this hairdo showcases delicate and heavenly spiral locks elegantly gathered with a satin ribbon. It presents a whimsical and effortless appearance that is ideal for a youngster blessed with either undulating or ringlet hair, ensuring both utmost comfort and irresistible charm with each and every curl.

15. Playful Puffs with Floral Accents

Featuring the whimsical aspect of bridal fashion, this hairstyle presents voluminous curly sections embellished with vibrant flower accessories. It’s a simple, joyful style ideal for a youthful attendee ready to commemorate a day brimming with love and happiness.

16. Gilded Baby’s Breath Crown

Adding baby’s breath to an elegant updo adds a touch of luxury to this hairstyle. Not only is it simple to create, but it also has a stunning impact, bringing a touch of enchantment to the attire of any young bride.

17. Braided Elegance with White Bow

Braided hairstyles bring about an exquisite and graceful beauty, culminating in a dainty white ribbon. This hairdo is a simple choice for achieving a tidy and refined appearance, blending the enduring allure of braids with the youthful enchantment of a bow.

18. Cascading Waves with a Pop of Color

Enhance your child’s straight or wavy hair with a striking orange bow, effortlessly transforming it into a mesmerizing cascade of luscious waves. This delightful and vibrant adornment will infuse their look with a burst of color. Perfect for any outdoor wedding or lively reception, this hairstyle exudes a carefree and joyful vibe that complements the joyous occasion.

19. Lavender Dreams with Floral Hairpiece

This hairstyle features curly blonde hair adorned with small purple flowers, which beautifully complement the delicate lavender tones of the dress. It exudes a fairy-tale-like charm, as if it was crafted in a picturesque garden from a storybook.

20. Curly Delight with a Tiara of Pearls

For those children blessed with a head full of gorgeous curls, this particular hairstyle is elevated to another level with the addition of a delicate tiara adorned with shimmering pearls. It brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to their overall look. Furthermore, this hairstyle is a breeze to create and maintain, allowing those beautiful coily locks to cascade freely and beautifully.

Each of these hairstyles serves as a vibrant celebration of youth and exudes joy, effortlessly enhancing the appearance of our little ones during important and memorable occasions. With these captivating styles, kids can revel in the joy of a wedding while captivating everyone around with their utmost cuteness. Feel free to share these looks with others, pin your favorites, and do let us know which hairstyle made you break into the biggest smile!


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